I'm Clarisa, Your Career Success Coach.   I am on a mission to empower professionals to OVERCOME CAREER INDECISION AND FIND THEIR NEXT BEST CHAPTER!

This is why I founded the Career Satisfaction Academy —to guide you to achieve your career goals and dreams!

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We’ve all gone through phases where we feel lost or stuck.

It might be that you don’t know how to reach a goal or maybe you don’t even know what your next chapter looks like.

My name is Clarisa Romero, known as the Fearless Entrepreneur.  I help High Achieving Women discover the simple reason they don't know what to do next and get the clarity to instead create their dream business without working hard and wasting time.

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In my #1 International Best-Seller The Fearless Entrepreneur, I walk you through my innovative process to help you overcome career indecision and find your next best chapter. 

If you are:

👉🏼 Struggling to know what to do next

👉🏼 Ready for something bigger, but don’t know how to get there

👉🏼 Not sure what you want in life


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 About Clarisa Romero


Once plagued by career indecision, Clarisa Romero, empowers professionals to uncover their life purpose and the perfect career fit.

With her trademarked process, she helps you discover your unique path to career fulfillment and financial success.

 Her work as an entrepreneur and Career Success Coach has earned her prestigious accolades like the International Women Economic Forum (WEF) Women of Excellence Award, the Odyssey International Productions Entrepreneur of The Year Award,  The Women of Commerce Inspire Her Leader of the Year Award and the honor of being named Associate Producer of the Dr. Deepak Chopra film The Mindfulness Movement.

Clarisa is the CEO & Founder of the Career Satisfaction Academy and a two-time #1 Best-Selling author of The Fearless Entrepreneur and El Emprendedor Intrepido where she walks you through her  innovative process to assist with your career indecision and finding your next best steps!